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Shown in Maple Wood and Cherry Stain with
Black Simonis 860 Cloth

Simonis Cloth

Available in a wide assortment Simonis Cloth colors.

  • Elegant Home Style Table with the legendary playability of Diamond Tournament Tables
  • Available in 1” thick one piece slate design or three piece slate design
  • Built in leveling system, 20 points one piece slate, 40 points 3 piece slate
  • Manufactured exclusively in Solid Hardwood Maple construction, stained to suit
  • Bi-Level pocket design mounted flush to the rails, leather tops and ballistic nylon baskets
  • Comes standard with Simonis 860 cloth
  • Artemis Cushion Rubber, Intercontinental 66 (K55 profile)
  • Diamond Professional Ball Rack and rack holder  in maple stained to match
  • Available in 8’ (45”x90” playing surface) or 9’ (50”x100” playing surface)
9' Dimensions: 114" x 64" x 32" Weight: 1200lbs
8' Dimensions: 104" x 59" x 32" Weight: 1000lbs
Terms and Shipping


50% down payment to confirm order, with balance due when product leaves the factory. Please allow 28-30 weeks for production.

Shipping and Installation:

Extra, and third party installation is available from DIAMOND or regional DIAMOND representatives.