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In 1987, a passionate group of pool players from Louisville, Kentucky came together to establish a small company with a remarkable vision. Their goal was to create a billiard table of unparalleled quality and craftsmanship that would set the standard for national and international tournament play. They developed a strategic approach to achieve this goal, which consisted of three key elements:

Tournament Use: The team ensured that their table was utilized in major tournament events. This allowed them to gather valuable feedback from experienced professionals about the table's "playability" and performance.

Player Input: Seeking advice and comments from top professionals, they heeded their suggestions to enhance the table's features and make refinements that improved its overall performance. This player-centric approach ensured that the table was designed with the needs and preferences of players in mind.

Continuous Refinement: The team continuously adjusted various specifications, such as pocket cut angles and sizes, to find the optimal configuration that offered the right level of difficulty and playability. They refined other features in a similar fashion, always striving to enhance the table's performance.

Since its inception, the DIAMOND PROFESSIONAL table has undergone numerous refinements and has been used in over 500 major tournaments. The table's design incorporates features that are unique and exclusive to the DIAMOND brand. This player-driven approach has made the DIAMOND table the industry standard for tournament play, commercial pool rooms, and even for home use.

Every aspect of the DIAMOND table is meticulously manufactured to exacting standards. The tables are expertly crafted from solid hardwoods, with each one being pre-assembled by hand at the factory and thoroughly tested to ensure strict specifications are met. The level of precision and craftsmanship involved means that the DIAMOND table will never be mass-produced. Instead, it will be manufactured in limited quantities to guarantee the highest quality for each unit.

The DIAMOND brand's craftsmanship and philosophy extend beyond just the table itself. They consider every element of the billiards game, including lighting, balls, cloth, and even the comfort of players between runs. The DIAMOND table lighting fixtures, for example, feature understated elegance and are designed to uniformly illuminate the playing surface, eliminating shadows and enhancing the table's luster. This focus on the overall playing experience ensures that attention is directed to the game itself, without distractions.
In summary, the DIAMOND table is the result of a dedicated team's commitment to creating a superior billiard table through tournament use, player input, and continuous refinement. Its unmatched craftsmanship, attention to detail, and player-centric design have made it the industry standard for tournament play, commercial pool rooms, and home use, with every element carefully considered to enhance the overall billiards experience.

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